Inmobiliaria Almanzora: Mojacar

The coastal resort of Mojacar is a short drive from the Almanzora Valley with a great choice of beaches and restaurants.A visit to the whitewashed old town,voted one of the prettiest in Spain is a must.With a history stretching back 4000 years present day Mojacar has developed from Europe's most ancient cultures, the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors. The Moors remain the strongest influence of all which is clearly visible in the old Moorish fortress and the Mudejar architecture in the old town. Each June the locals and visitors celebrate their Arab ancestors with a three day Moors and Christian fiesta in the town and on the fabulous beaches. During this time the whole town is dressed in extravagant costumes and there is a medieval market and tournament. The fiesta culminates with a grand procession of Christians followed by the Moors led through the village.

Local Fiestas in Mojacar